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Grants and Loans

The Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina has a system of incentives and financial assistance in order to overcome the economic condition as an impediment to access education, especially evaluating academic aptitude and attitude of the applicant and its commitment to the core values ​​of the University.

There are two categories of stimulus:

Scholarship: is an economical, full or partial subsidy, non-refundable; aimed at the members of the community with the highest academic performance

Scholarship Program: Scholarship UCA for Academic Merit Scholarship - PRIUNES
Scholarship UCA for Academic Merit for Parochial Schools
Regular Scholarship Program and Academic Merit Stimulus
Scholarship UCA Priority Education - Careers Articulation
Scholarship Program UNIR
Scholarship for students with high average
Scholarship in History degree
Scholarship UCA Philosophy
Scholarship Philosophy as a second career

College Loan: is a partial and refundable financial grant. Addressed to members of the community with proven aptitude for study, while maintaining a good academic performance.