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Vocational guidance

The Vocational Guidance Service and aims to guide young people in the decision of his/her professional vocation.

It is intended for students in their final year of high school or that have begun a degree at superior level and have doubts about the choice of the career.

  • Active Vocational Process:

The career counseling process lasts 2 months and requires a weekly attendance. It consists of two individual interviews and eight group meetings. Intensive processes are offered in July and December for students from the interior of the country.

It is a process because it is much more than a test: vocational choice takes time and has various stages, which guarantee to the youth being oriented, a more comprehensive tour in his/her decision making.

It's Vocational because we accompany the decision, which is not just about knowing a number of possible career choices, but invites a deep search, analyzing every aspect concerning the election and seeks a decision which allows to integrate what one is with what one wants to do.

And is Active because the youth being oriented is the protagonist of his choice. It is he who participates actively in the decision process, where professional intervention serves to guide and provide the tools necessary for better reflection, knowledge and autonomy in the decision. 

Fifth Active Career Counseling Process
Date: Monday, October 6 
End date: Monday, December 1 
Hours: Monday from 6 PM to 8 PM 
Cost: $ 1097.- (EXTRA-UCA students) and $ 439. (UCA students)

  • Workshops for Vocational Reflection:

It is a space that invites reflection on what it means to choose and awareness of the issues involved in this decision and that should be considered timely.

The Vocational reflection workshop lasts 2 hours and is a single group meeting. Workshops to school groups and to the community in general are offered.

You can participate by sending an e-mail to with your name, age and phone.

Coordinator of the Career Counseling Service 

Lic. María Inés García Ripa 

For inquiries: 

Lic. María Inés García Ripa

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0810 333 4647

Ingreso Rosario

(0341) 4368020
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