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UCA hasn´t got student residences at university campus.However, in UCA International office we have a large database.The options are:

  • university residences
  • rooms in family houses for rent
  • furnished apartments for rent by owner (ready to move in)
  • real estate and trusted organizations that can help you to get any one of them.

Among international students, family houses are very popular because it allows them to live with an Argentine family, be able to learn spanish, and gain knowledge of argentine customs (habits, food, outings, etc.).

There are a lot of student residences in Buenos Aires, this is a very attractive option because you can share your experieces with other students and young people from all over the world.

If you choose to rent an apartment it is our strong recommendation that you dont live by yourself and that the apartment is not located in deserted streets or areas at night or during the weekend.

City areas:

We recommend looking for housing in the following residential areas which usually are the most secure: Retiro, Barrio Norte, Recoleta, Palermo y Belgrano. Unfortunately, in Puerto Madero, where is located the campus of UCA, the prices are unreasonable for students because it is the most expensive area of the city.