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PALS Program

“I´m speechless. Thanks to all the people I met during these six months for all the experiences we had together! Thanks to the PALs for being as they are. I am positivewe will see each other again. Today I cry and smile at the same time. Argentina will always be my other home!”. (Nicklas Studsgaard Nielsen - Aarhus Universitet - Denmark)

A Pal is an UCA student who volunteers to be the contact and referencefor international students. The PALs help international students in their integration into the university and adaptation to the academic and social life.

80% of international students studying at UCA ask for a PAL

Why should you ask for a Pal?

  • Pals will be a source of information before, during and after your arrival to Argentina.
  • They help you clear all your doubts before your arrival to Argentina.
  • Pals will be a cultural guide and introduce you to the city of Buenos Aires.
  • Upon your arrival at UCA a Pal will welcome you and show you the campus.
  • Its an invaluable way to get to know Argentina´s culture and Argentines in general.
  • They help you adapt to life on campus.
  • Pals will counsel you on: the use of public transport, must - see places in Buenos Aires, how to phone home., where to live, etc.
  • A PAL will not host you at his/her house but can assist you on your search.

¿Do you want to have a PAL?