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UCA experience

“The InterUCA Olympics were a perfect excuse to cometogether. We sharedmoments in and off thefield. We celebrate, sing,dance and have fun. I wasproud to wear the redt - shirt while everyone gotto know each other.So much support to theteams representing UCAInternational Officeoverjoyed me and I feltthat I’m not alone, thatI’m part of this beautifulfamily of differentnationalities”.

(Angélica Rodrigúez - Universidad del Rosario , Colombia)

“I´m speechless. Thanks to all the people I met during these six months for all the experiences we had together! Thanks to the PALs for being as they are. I am positivewe will see each other again. Today I cry and smile at the same time. Argentina will always be my other home!”.

(Nicklas Studsgaard Nielsen -Aarhus Universitet , Denmark)

“Thanks to the Spanish as a Foreign Language Program I have learned to speak, write and comprehend Spanish, a language so beautiful for someone who dreams with the world of languages. I have no words to thank my teachers for everything they have done for me”.

(Lárcio Langane - International Relations Student , Mozambique)

“I would have never imagined travelling more than 12,000 miles only to find a city that seems to have once departed from Europe and no one knows how it came to South America. This beautiful land is very rich in nature and magic. Buenos Aires, the city that never sleeps, gave me another part of me and stole a part of my heart. Thanks Buenos Aires! “.

(Francesco Melluso - Universidad de Tor Vergata, Italy)

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