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Uca InternacionalUca InternacionalUca Internacional
  • All incoming students must be nominated by their home university before applying to attend UCA.
  • Applicants must have completed at least 4 semester studies and have a good academic performance at their home universities.
  • When applying, non native Spanish speaking students must send a certificate that verifies his/her Spanish level. A Spanish placement test at UCA upon arrival is compulsory for all these students, unless they submit an official certificate (issued or validated by Home institution) indicating that the have a C1-Spanish language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In these cases students shall be exempted from the placement test and from taking required Spanish course during the semester.The students who do not submit the C1 level certificate, have to take the placement test upon arrival. If they don´t reach the C1 level in the test, must attend a Spanish course during their exchange period. This course can be taken at UCA at a reduced rate for exchange students or at any private institute.
  • Some courses may have Spanish high level proficiency requirements.
  • Each school has an academic coordinator for exchange students. He/she helps students during the whole semester in all academic matters (course contents and workload, registration, exams, schedules).
  • Exchange students pay tuition to their home university for the semester or year they spend at UCA.
  • If UCA does not have an exchange agreement with a particular university, students can apply as “free mover” students and pay tuition directly to UCA.


In order to approve the courses, students must accomplish the following requisites:

  1. Minimum attendance of 75% of the classes.
  2. Complete and approve all midterm, papers or any other form of evaluation required by the professor.
  3. Approve the final exam.

Credit system.

In order to be considered a full time international student, UCA requires students to take a minimum of 12 credits. A regular UCA student takes 15-20 credits per semester. 1 UCA credit is equivalent to 1 class hour per week (1 class hour = 45 minutes). One semester at UCA is 16 weeks of classes (except the Economic School that has 17 weeks).