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Internships and Job Opportunities

In an active synergy with private companies, NGOs, government agencies and other entities, UCA offers its students through agreements with more than 940 institutions, the possibility to complete the academic training doing internships to strengthen and develop the knowledge acquired and develop the skills they need for an adequate job insertion.
The purpose of the Internship System of UCA is to provide a service to other companies and integrating them into our educational community entities to associate training and professional practice. The system, moreover, satisfies the needs of different types of organizations, covering new ways to optimize resources, increase their employability and build a better society for all.

This is done with the cooperation and work of the administrative staff of each academic unit. We form a group in constant interaction, collaboration and mutual support that aims at providing effective solutions to provide more and better opportunities for our students and with them and the productive forces and services cooperate in building our nation.

Our system has as one of its main goals to offer personalized contact, both students and companies and agencies to achieve high standards in the quality of our human monitoring and treatment provided to our users.

These approaches closely follow the guidelines of the Institutional Project 2011-2016 UCA on the teaching and training of students. On the lines of action, the 5th point is detailed:

"Encouraging the uptake and best use of internships, internship or curricular areas linked to potential professional performance ..."

We also collaborate with the project from the notions of Public Presence and Social Responsibility for, as there stated:

"The dialogue with culture doesn’t solely with reading and commenting authors but also being present and meeting with the various stakeholders of Society."

"As one of the lines of action: Ensure appropriate links with academic and professional institutions, and related careers that are taught in the University ..."

The General Coordinating Internship System is headed by the Vicerectorate for Academic and Institutional Affairs.

Other programs

Just internships are promoted?
No. Every year UCA opens its doors to companies wishing to submit their own recruitment programs such as Young Professionals.

The company should just contact us to arrange a date and time to have an audience and present their employability program.

Our service also offers open or closed searches for candidates, depending on the requirement of each company or organization and confidentiality is one of our main goals.

In other cases, the communication of internships searches is also done ​​through billboards or email.

Also, at the request of the company, we perform the gathering of information and statistical analysis of the system which are very useful for evaluation.

These services are free, UCA does not charge any financial compensation for them.