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Invited Scholars

Profesores invitados
Profesores invitados

All years the CEHAO invites recognized professors and scholars, both local and international, who teach courses, seminars and deliver conferences to the academic community.

Scholars willing to be Academic Visitors in the CEHAO are encouraged to communicate to the email All proposals are evaluated in detail by the authorities of the CEHAO and the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales (UCA).


Daniel Justel - Daniel Justel (Universidad Eclesiástica San Dámaso):
Conference: "Childhood and Law in the Ancient Near East: ¿Towards a Protection of the Minor?".
Graduate Seminar: "Introduction to Sumerian: Readings of Real Inscriptions".
Ianir Milevski - Ianir Milevski (Israel Antiquities Authority):
Conference: “The Material and the Ideal: Iconographic Relations between South and North in the Ancient Near East, 6th-5th millennia BCE".
Alejandro Botta Alejandro Botta (Boston University). Conference: “Felonies and Crimes in Egypt during the Persian Period”.
Herzog Ze'ev Herzog (Tel Aviv University). Conference: “The Cult Remains at Arad and Tel Beer-sheba and the Evidence for Religious Reforms in the Kingdom of Judah”.
Ussishkin David Ussishkin (Tel Aviv University). Conference: "Sennacherib´s Campaign to Judah, Lachish and Jerusalem".
Gorzalczany Amir Gorzalczany (Israel Antiquities Authority). Graduate Course: "The Islamic Period in Palestine" (in Spanish).

Conference: "Nahal Tut, ¿an Advanced Post of Judah in Israel?" (in Spanish).

Finkelstein Israel Finkelstein (Tel Aviv University). Conference: "The Contribution of the Excavations of Megiddo to the Study of the Late Bronze and Iron Ages"..
tawil Hayim Tawil (Yeshiva University). Colloquium: “An Akkadian Lexicon for Biblical Hebrew”.
milevski. Ianir Milevski (Israel Antiquities Authority). Conference: “Palestine in the Persian Period: Biblical Text, Archaeology and Socioeconomic Model” (in Spanish).
botta Alejandro Botta (Boston University). Conference: “Repudiation in Marriage and Divorce: New Perspectives from the Aramean Papyri from Elephantine” (in Spanish).
sigrist Marcel Sigrist (École Biblique et Archéologique de Jérusalem). Extra-Curricular Course: “Introduction to the Akkadian Language”.
alahad Nicolaos Matti Youssef Abd Alahad (Iglesia Siriana Ortodoxa de Antioquía). Extra-Curricular Course: “Syriac” (in Spanish).
zarzecki Anabel Zarzecki-Peleg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Conference: “The Canaanean Palace of Hazor: An Expression of Syrian Architecture?”.
puech Émile Puech (École Biblique et Archéologique de Jérusalem). Conference “The Dead Sea Manuscripts and the New Testament” (in Spanish)
fischer Moshe Fischer (Tel Aviv University). Conference “Aphrodite in Palestine: Prestige without Frontiers”.

Rita Lucarelli (Università degli Studi di Verona). Conference “The World of the Ancient Egyptian Demons from an Anthropological Perspective”.

sigrist Marcel Sigrist (École Biblique et Archéologique de Jérusalem). Extra-curricular Courses: "Introduction to the Akkadian Language", "A History of Ancient Mesopotamia"; Conference "History of Jerusalem".


Amir Gorzalczany (Israel Antiquities Authority). Conference: “Centre and Periphery in Ancient Israel: New Approximations to Funerary Practices of the Chalcolithic in the Coastal Plain" (in Spanish).
rico Christophe Rico (Hebrew University of Jerusalem - École Biblique et Archéologique de Jérusalem). Graduate Course: “Writing’s Birth and Development of the Alphabet: an Interdisciplinary Perspective” (in Spanish Extra–Curricular Course: “Genesis and Development of the Book in Western Culture” (in Spanish).
Jorge Bedoya (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Extra-Curricular Course: “Ancient Egypt: a Millenary Civilization” (in Spanish).
campagnolo Marcelo Campagno (Universidad de Buenos Aires; Universidad Nacional de La Plata). Extra-Curricular Course: “Ancient Egypt: a Millenary Civilization” (in Spanish).
daneri Alicia Daneri de Rodrigo (Universidad de Buenos Aires; Universidad Nacional de La Plata). Extra-Curricular Course: “Ancient Egypt: a Millenary Civilization” (in Spanish).
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