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Latest News
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ANEM en la feria de libros del SBL Annual Meeting, Boston, 2008

Conference: "The Digital Revolution. From Paper to the Web: the Archaeological-Historical Archive of the British Mandate in Palestine, 1919-1948". Lic. Silvia Krapiwko (Israel Antiquities Authority)

Conference: The Mycenaean Aegean: Relationships with the Eastern Mediterranean during the 14th and the 13th centuries BC. Prof. Dr. Naya Sgouritsa (University of Athens, Greece)

Journal Antiguo Oriente Clearance Sale

Conference: "The Private World of the Roman Elites in the Near East: Excavations of the Mosaics of the Roman Town of Lod (Diospolis), Israel, 3rd century BCE", Dr. Amir Gorzalczany (December 2015)

Conference: "Childhood and Law in the Ancient Near East: ¿Towards a Protection of the Minor?", Dr. Daniel Justel (August 2015).

Graduate Seminar: "Introduction to Sumerian: Readings of Real Inscriptions", Dr. Daniel Justel (August 2015).

Conference: "The Material and the Ideal: Iconographic Relations between South and North in the Ancient Near East, 6th-5th millennia BCE", Dr. Ianir Milevski (June 2015)

Graduate Seminar: "Mitología y religión en Hattusa: Una introducción a la lengua Hitita", Dr. António de Freitas (October 2014)

Cooperation agreement between UCA and Polis, the Jerusalem Academy for Languages and Humanities (November 2013)

Conference "Delitos y fechorías en Egipto durante el Período Persa", Prof. Alejandro Botta (October 2013)

Graduate Seminar: "Vinculos interregionales e identidades culturales en la Antigüedad", Dr. R. Flammini and Dr. J.M. Tebes (November 2012)

Lecture: "The Cult Remains at Arad and Tel Beer-sheba and the Evidence for Religious Reforms in the Kingdom of Judah", Prof. Dr, Ze'ev Herzog (August 2012)

Conference: "Sennacherib´s Campaign to Judah, Lachish and Jerusalem", Prof. Dr. David USSISHKIN (March 2012)

Conferences and Seminars, Prof. Amir Gorzalczany (April and May 2011)

Seminar: "El período Islámico en Palestina", Prof. Amir Gorzalczany (April 2011)

Conference: "The Contribution of the Excavations of Megiddo to the Study of the Late Bronze and Iron Ages", Prof. Israel Finkelstein (March 2011)

Colloqium: "Un léxico acadio para el hebreo bíblico", Prof. Hayim Tawil (September 2010)

Conference: "El palacio cananeo de Hazor ¿una expresión de arquitectura siria?", Prof. Anabel Zarzecki-Peleg (September 2010)

Conference: "Palestina en la epoca persa: texto bíblico, arqueología y modelo socioecónomico", Prof. Ianir Milevski (September 2010)

Conferences: "Cultura y Política en las Sociedades del Cercano Oriente Antiguo" (August 2010)

Seminar: Introduction to the Akkadian Language, Prof. Marcel Sigrist (2010)

Seminar: Arameo de Damasco (Siríaco), Prof. Nicolaos Matti Youssef Abd Alahad (2010)

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