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Coexistence and Games Workshop

  • Purpose: To foster an environment where children involved develop social, cognitive and representational abilities for a better coexistence and integration. As such,, it is included in the primary prevention area, giving the opportunity to follow up and back situations that may turn into conflicts if health caretakers do not intervene from the very beginning.
  • Beneficiaries: Children aged 4-14.
  • General Goals:
    • To share learning experiencies where cognitive and social abilities develop.
    • To teach values.
    • To develop peaceful strategies to face conflicts.
    • To strengthen solidarity and commitment among the participants.
    • To prove that games may be an enriching experience for their own lives.
  • Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon.
  • Project Leader: Hernán Fernández Cid
  • Associated Academic Units:
  • Photo Galery